Minecraft: Asgard Adventures w/Nova, Ze & Kootra Ep.37 - THE HELL BIOME

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UberHaxorNova Опубликовано 27-02-2013

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People have asked for a new treehouse for a long awhile now but because treehouse is so dated after starting way back in what was likely early beta version we decided to start on something brand new and fresh which is taking on Asgard. As with treehouse people will likely come and go until all together we create our own variation of Asgard. The series comes together with 20+ server mods making things very interesting as opposed to the usual vanilla minecraft. Thank steven for putting things together for us.

Server/Mods by: http://www.youtube.com/user/SCMowns2

Kootra: http://www.youtube.com/kootra

Facebook: http://tiny.cc/zyf1j
Follow Mah Twitter: http://tiny.cc/u597o
Shirts: http://tiny.cc/k3vrp

Some mods included (more could be added or removed)
- Too Many Items
- Mo' Creatures
- BicBiomeCraft
- Crafting Guide
- Tree Capitator
- SCMowns Configs/Patches
- Pam's harvest Craft
- RailCraft
- Camp Craft
- BackPacks
- Twilight Forest
- Rei's Minimap