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Which nail art has the best return on investment? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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You only got one minute it's not a problem anymore well hallo everyone it's me Kristina again and sometimes I feel like I don't have much time for nail art anymore you all know this so I thought it would be fun to give myself just one minute to do nail art and see if I'm just making excuses or if doing nail art that.

Quickly is really just gonna turn out like a disaster that wasn't worth it sometimes you have five minutes to get out the door and you really need that scale gradient nail art on your nails you know that's just life I've seen a lot of the one-minute versus ten minute versus one hour type videos and I think it's a really cool experiment to see what you can achieve if you spend.

Different amounts of time on whatever it is you're doing but for nail art the way I see it is you either spend as much time as the nail art technique requires you to spend to do a good job at it or you do it really quickly so rather than over complicate this concept with three different time intervals I'm gonna do a nail art technique on one nail for however long.

It takes me to do it well whether that's 10 minutes 20 minutes two hours and then try and recreate the same nail art with the same technique in just one minute and I will do this a total of five times with five different nail art techniques one for each finger in the end we could use however long it took me to do the good nail art on one nail and multiply that by 10 and assume that.

That's how long it would take you in total to do that nail art well on all 10 fingers and by the same logic if I'm allowed one minute per nail for the challenge portion and if you multiply that by 10 that's like a 10 minute for mani makes sense okay let's go so I've already done my creative nail art brainstorming here.

Never forget to brainstorm you gotta save time and be prepared you ready all right let's go simply voiceover here what up peeps figured I might as well give you a little quickie voiceover tutorial for old times sake and also because some of you I know actually want to know the nail art tips and tricks so i'ma show you how I do a couple common nail art.

Techniques when I'm actually putting full effort into doing it well first off we got a peel luckily just oiling them up with my DIY nail oil first and I just did this manicure earlier in the day so the peel is gonna be more of a wet soft peel instead of popping Feelies you feel me but don't worry we still got him gotta peel them all now I'm naked don't look he's that Matty red here's one you.

Could enjoy that as long as you like and then this one you have to chug in a minute I can't chug hot tea in a minute I was like I'll burn my esophagus what if you steeped tea for one minute versus steeped it for an hour oh my god this challenge has so many possibilities first up we're gonna do this very tiny glitter placement now which in the past has taken me over ten minutes to show.

You in a tutorial so this will be a speedy abbreviated version let's start the clock I'm starting off with a ridge filling base coat on all my nails today to get them nice and smooth yes it's because I'm testing prototypes always let your base coat dry for a couple minutes have a sip of tea and then time will fly by you know I also recorded all the time I spent waiting for things to.

Dry so we can use that as a different metric when we examine the outcome of all of the nail arts alright I'm dry let's go we're gonna slap on some royalty blue by hollow taco creme polish as a base for this manicure let dry after first coat sip tea we got this second coat now get a toothpick no not for your teeth but for to use to put glitters on your.

Nails I use a yogurt lid as a kind of to spread around my glare so I can pick it up easier I'm using one of the smaller kinds of glitters which makes it harder and longer to do but there's also a larger size of hex glitter that you can use I've done that in a previous tutorial as well you're on a clock let's go start off by.

Wetting little sections of the nail one at a time with a clear polish not a quick dry glossy taco because those dried too quick then you're gonna lick the toothpick that's right it's not weird I mean you put them in your mouth anyways then dip your wet toothpick on to the lid of glitter and pick one glitter up at a time and place them one at a time now.

The idea here isn't just to randomly lay down a bunch of glitters in theory you're supposed to place and align the hexagons against each other so that their sides line up properly now this is really hard when you're working with glitters that are so tiny so I kind of just you know put one down move it around to try and make it fit like a mosaic and you know hope for the best.

This technique takes a lot of practice and honestly I'm out of practice because this technique requires lots of concentration and lots of time to do that's why it's important to add the clear polish in sections so that you can work slowly as you go and build the glitters up to the top of the nail once you're done you can gently press.

The glitters into the base polish and now we go on a glossy taco and seal those glitters in of all nail arts for this one you especially want to make sure that your glossy taco is nice and thick in fact with glitter placements I always do two coats of glossy taco because you see after I let one coat of thick glossy top coat dry you're still seeing some.

Texture above the glitters and we want to try and minimize that so if we going to add a second coat I'm nasta classy taco just like gel polish and clean up on aisle three around the edges cuz you messy there we go let's check the clock that is a long time so long that now my tea is cold I'm gonna continue on with the mini tutorials for the four other nails and.

Then we'll do the one minute challenge versions of all the nail arts after all right next up rainbow gradient slap that Ridge feeling base coat on wow this stuff really makes my nail look almost not yellow remember when I said to prepare yeah see look that's practice when doing a gradient I recommend putting down a base polish color first and pick the color that is the lightest.

Of all the shades that you're using in the gradient and now we got to protect our skin from the nail polish by adding a layer of liquid latex around your nail so that way when we sponge on nail polish it won't stick all over our skin then you got to let the liquid latex dry for a couple minutes and we're gonna get a fresh sponge here and the sponge is a latex free triangle cosmetics.

Foundations bunch now I'm laying out the colors of the rainbow one by one don't make the stripes too thick or else the rainbow will go past your nail and all the colors won't fit on your nail what I'm taking my time I like to test the gradient first looks good we shall proceed then you got to refill the sponge and dab it down on the nail with quick but light dabs not too heavy you.

Don't want to push into the nail and don't gloop it on too thick either you want to gently blend the colors together and then we do one layer at a time to build up the colors okay looking good but let's do it again in my mind more layers of nail polish is never a bad thing yeah no kidding Christine but I do think you're gonna get better results if you do thin lighter layers.

Letting them dry in between each other rather than trying to do like one super thick layer that's just gonna turn out gloopy and ugly don't rush the nail art okay things of beauty take time and then you're gonna peel off the protection layer and look at that your finger is not pregnant congratulations if necessary do a little cleanup using a cleanup brush dipped in acetone and.

We're done here so you can add a nice thick coat the glossy taco Wow and the clock says next up nail minus Ridge filler base coat after you have your base coat down you're gonna add an ass thick coat a glassy taco cuz we're gonna add nail but all the next now for those of you who haven't seen some of my past nail art videos it is extremely important that before you're gonna add.

Anything sticky that you intend to peel off you need to seal it first with a quick dry glossy top coat to set it in English so people understand because if you don't you're probably gonna rip up your base layer the second you go to peel off the nail bottles it's also important that you use not just any glossy taco but a quick dry glossy taco in order to get that rock-hard seal I.

Might be working on that too and then you got to let the taco fully dry before you even think about sticking anything on it I like to err on the side of caution I probably don't need to wait this long but I do and at this point Christine gets back cramps her neck is sore she calls for Ben Ben gives her massage .

suddenly I don't mind this challenge okay where were we now that my glossy taco is nicely sealed and dry we're gonna peel up a nail vinyl and you're just gonna place it carefully on the nail exactly where you want the design to appear got to make sure it's safe and secure and nicely stuck down to the nail and then instead of painting polish on.

Top I'm gonna sponge it on just because I like to over complicate things well no because this is a metallic polish that has little flakes in it and I just think the effect goes on better if you use a sponge so I'm just gonna dab dab dab to make my one nail fab and I'm gonna finish it off with painting on top of sponging just to make sure we got every little crevice peel off the nail vinyl.

and clean up any messes unfortunately I did have a few but this is one of the time-consuming things about doing nail vinyls sometimes not every nail vinyl peel is going to be perfect and you might have to do a little cleanup I just use a small brush dipped in acetone and lightly clean around the edges of the design and you can go the extra simply.

Mile if you take the base color and start doing touch-ups like a painter I could spend forever doing this but let's move on a dynastic glossy taco to seal everything in and what do we got you know what I just realized I'm gonna do these really well and spend hours on them and then I'm gonna have to take them off and recreate it in one minute I won't even get to wear my beautiful nail.

Art that I spent so long on let's choose a simpler technique for the pinky finger how about that to paint the nail black with one coat of one coat black let it dry a couple minutes and get interrupted by my cats Hey Girl what you doing you wanna join the nail art challenge we can't waste time Kat stop distracting me now we're gonna do one of the easiest techniques known to human just add a.

Hollow taco stare at the hollow for a few minutes while it sets and then add a nice thick coat of glossy taco to seal it all in and what do we got and yes I know just adding a hollow taco doesn't really qualify as nail art but give you a girl a break okay I've already been in this room for like three and a half hours though okay last up we got the thumbnail let's do a classic da to cure.

Nail art and see how long that takes me open all the polishes you want to make dots with so they're readily available and first slap on a base color I'm using one coat black again dotting tools they have balls on them I'm gonna take a fresh yogurt lid put some nail polish on it and dip my dotting tools right in the puddle most of the time you're gonna need to refill your dotting tool after.

Every dot sometimes I can get away with doing a couple dots before refilling look at me work look at me go I didn't really have a particular pattern in mind a dog eater is one of those designs where you can just kind of start in one corner and build the next and this is what my brain decided to make and because I can't help myself I added more dots inside of the dots I.

Like to wait a few good solid minutes before adding a glossy taco or else you risk smearing all of your hard work and when you do put the glossy taco on do it gently float it across the nail and you know and the dotted hair took me and there we have it five different nail arts that took me quite a bit of time to do just one nail each which one's your favorite comment down below wow they.

Look so good I must have spent hours on them I did let's tally things up here on my very scientific spreadsheet the nail art that took the longest in total including drying time was surprisingly nail vinyls 43 minutes for this just this now that does include drying time which accounted for over half of the total time of truck now if I did this.

Design on all my 10 fingernails it wouldn't necessarily be 43 minutes times 10 nails because you can save on drying time by going to each nail for each step and by the time you're at nail number 10 and go back to number one as probably already dry two hours not bad or is that bad this two hours a long time to spend doing your nails all this goes to show that nail art really does take a lot of.

Time doesn't it I think it's easy to get the impression by watching nail art tutorials on YouTube that a lot of nail art can be done quickly and easily because you watch a ten minute video and you're like hey I could do but in reality the nail artist might have spent six hours at their desk doing that alright now that I've got these beautiful nails on that I've spent a.

Total of I'm gonna take them off and recreate them all with just one minute each all right naked and ready to begin we're gonna need a referee though bang in I'm allowed to prepare an advance right okay I've got my reference picture ready Tommy when men three two one go but a junk the glitter it's just something I can dip my finger in time fifteen base.

Color no problem 15 seconds oh wow not bad I mean it's definitely not a glitter placement because they didn't place the glitters anywhere in particular I'm not gonna have time to add liquid latex am i I'm ready wait wait wait wait I'm not ready all right.

Doesn't matter if you're ready we're counting down five do a second coat real quick real quick guys no no wait wait no I did not time to take it on oh you just like painting your whole finger pretty much it's finger it's not so hard to get a.

Gradient in under a minute but it's just the best I'm gonna have to clean up after there's even a mention here in it didn't have time to take that out I think this is gonna be the hardest one to do in a minute how can I not let the glossy taco dry that's illegal time for no base coat which is the prototype you showing people that already adding a glass of.

Taco and we're gonna give it ten seconds to dry oh my god oh my god oh my god it's a mess it's a mess it's disgusting then well kids now you've learned your lesson what happens when you don't lift the glassy taco dry alright next we have something that I might actually be able to do well in a minute I got this okay ready start the clock bitch I may even have time I got a.

Glassy taco on this I mean does that count as a nail art though do my nails look fabulous okay that's the better question hey maybe this is the answer you gotta be out the door in five minutes just out of haha duck oh this is not sponsored by Hallock Oh yeah.

She got it no no don't stop it hey what do we think actually not bad you do them yeah all right everyone this was fun let me know down in the comments what else I could do for just one minute I have an idea hi everybody thanks so much for.

Watching and we'll see y'all


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