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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? My grandmother turned 100 years old this year!! Can you believe that?? One word: Iconic!!! Grandma Star has been wearing bright red blush for 50 years and is a huge makeup lover! She sent me one of her favorite tutorials that she recently saw on Facebook and sent it to me! This video was her idea and she's the sweetest! I'm grateful to have her in my life and thankful for her support!

Watch the original video by Glamour Daze here ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=094Y63BmXZ4 (Narrated by makeup consultant Marla Craig. Model is Rena Alden)

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What's up everybody welcome back to my channel hi how are ya okay y'all in today's video my grandma came up with this concept so hi shout-out to grandma Mary star how you doing girl she does not want to be in camera let's start off this video right now my a hundred year old grandma she called me up the other day we were just chatting about life by the way you guys she wears a wig every.

Single day she drives around and she's just living my grandma is a hundred years old yes there's still crickets I think somewhere like she is a hundred which is so beautiful and she's had such an insane life sadly she has outlived all three of her children including my father she's outlived her husband and a lot of our families so it's really crazy and.

I'm just so blessed to still have her in my life if you know what I mean so we were talking the other day and she sent me a link to one of the world's oldest makeup tutorials from the 60s and I was like grandma what the hell is this I clicked it and I it's like it's we're gonna play it in a minute and I'm gonna follow the entire video it's insane it's really funny it's vintage it's crazy.

And it's insane to see how far we have evolved in the makeup community so my grandma said Geoffrey I don't want to be in camera I'm a hundred I've had a really long life of having no one know who I am and I want to stay that way and I said grandma one day I will do makeup on camera but I have to respect her wishes today we are going to film following the world's oldest makeup.

Tutorial okay before we click play and I followed this tutorial I go what the hell were we doing in 1969 I think I was 20 I'm just kidding I was not born but my mother was born I think in 1962 so I googled it and I go what was happening here oh hi first of all there was no jawbreaker in morphe palette okay that was not happening in 1962 but we landed on the moon.

Hello humanity landed on the moon in 1969 a lot happened it actually Christian why'd you just tell me it was yes literally that was fifty years ago and so much has happened in the makeup world I was googling it you guys the cost of live in 1969 the average income per year was $8,500 oh my god the average cost of a new house $15,000.

Oh my god this is crazy gas per gallon any guesses y'all 35 cents Oh what well it's five dollars in Calabasas Senate Thanks okay so we're going back in time you guys we are traveling besides Apollo and all the amazing things that happened the beauty world was a lot different there was no scandals there was no no.

One was canceled and everyone just enjoyed make up so let's roll this amazing clip right here and let's see what the hell they were doing back then all right you guys I have a bunch of products in front of me that I usually wear on the daily so I'm just gonna grab whatever will be comparable to whatever is in this video okay I'm a little nervous my grandma said that this was.

Like sickening and how she used to do her face and I'm like okay girl relax all right let's start go easy she looks stunning and a gym what's there okay accentuate the good points minimize the others optical illusions can in many cases produce one okay thanks I am an optical illusion light face will make the eyes look smaller ah.

A dark face pause by the way her skin looks really glowing and very like dewy and amazing I know that there's no primers back then so I guess I'm just stuck with what I have right now here we go foundation is used as a base for the rest of your makeup oh she's already doing foundation the foundation from this.

Enter of the face toward the hairline using Gentle oh my make sure it's blended evenly thank you okay let's pause oh my god no Beauty Blender no morphe sponge nothing no brush your fingers okay guys let's do it I'm grabbing my lip mayor I thought this is a bougie video the whole setup looks sickening let's grab my most expensive damage this is the mayor soft fluid I.

Have used this a lot on my channel and I am Annie I am shade ivory zero to four anyone out there asking I get asked that a lot this is a brand new bottle oh my god bitch squirted more than that girl Mina had a threesome with okay so we're going to I guess rub this on my face this is crazy I never do this ohh oh my god okay guys here we go ready how do I do him how do I look at in the.

Mirror I had to think about that part okay ready here we go whoa okay let me put my hair back so we don't turn into a mess oh my god she said outward in and make sure it looks even so this is the old days you guys they had nothing else besides their fingers can you imagine like you already good in the crevices this is nuts I'm grabbing a mirror I don't care we got to do it I can't not.

Look oh oh it's not bad whoa this is a really weird because we never do this on my channel like what my fingers sometimes you just got to dive in like the old days before all the trickery all the brushes everything you just got to go back to the old school so I'm not I'm not really minding this but how did they get in there back in the day like do they have fingers not didn't.

Have this in 1969 oh my god the vein in my fourth popping out okay I'm nervous okay we're blending out it's all even what do you think the next step is like did they conceal back then or no I guess they're about to find out right okay well we're blending out his forehead oh my god so crazy I want to grab that be like sponge so bad okay let's see what the next step.

Is I'm really scared cosmeticians will guide you in your color choice No what is this dog they literally start a picture of a dog on the ground okay oh it cosmetician what in the hell is she talking about is that what they call them back then cosmetician is that just that normal cosmetologist okay let's go a reddish skin can be toned down with a.

Beige foundation oh really like all it says with the tissue blot off excess foundation with the tissue do we have tissue in here we do oh my god Kleenex send me a check miss thing oh my god I wish not sponsored okay um I just wanna see what happens if you blot off the excess like she was just so oh my god there's some coming off why isn't she setting it what there has.

To be powder if there isn't setting powder or anything in this video I'm gonna be shocked a lot coming off if you have disturbed skin disturbed oh my god we're playing that back dude skin sorry one more time medicated makeups unavailable oh she said medicated makeups are available for a disturbed skin that's not what they called it back then that is main dark circles under the.

Eyes are often caused by not enough sleep oh and lack of iron she's concealing lack of iron to cover them odds of me use the foundation two or three tones lighter didn't come in your base oh my god okay highlighting cream blush is applied she's already doing blood she took five seconds on concealer she blended out.

Like yeah bitch okay so they set a foundation we're obviously gonna use concealer hi magic star how are you doing girl she used her fingers you guys and I had these long nails look at the foundation already seeing my sides in my hands and it was dog hair everywhere oh my god she said that dark circles could be from lack of iron I don't have dark circles.

Right um okay look at my hair it's like a one who am i right now let me uh here we go she blended this out with her fingers like I don't know about all that I'm gonna have to follow it right okay so I'm gonna go in with magic star concealer in shade c7 and c2 I love mixing my truest matches c5 but it's not handy by the way you guys this will be.

Restocked middle of September maybe like next week hi it's been a long time coming she only put the concealer under her eyes right here like I wanna do it here so bad okay we're not doing it they didn't do that back then they did not have extreme highlighting contour we're gonna reel it in okay let's blend we're actually blending I mean this one really didn't the old.

Days Christian like in the 90s when I was like four like we used our fingers look at that food I'm gonna pry my lid right now there has to be out there isn't eyeshadow in this video I'm quitting delete the footage look at my nail what am i nail to stab me right in the eye why isn't it looking that bad whoa hi you guys back in the day amazing makeup.

Artist like Kevin Taquan they were just hand in like they've worked with their fingers and they didn't have crazy nails obviously but like if you really want to get the job done use your hands hi magic star pumped through I was exhausting though carpal tunnel the house okay not bad for just the fingers I'm actually not mad at it all right here we go to give cheeks quiet hello.

A good rule to follow is never let blush come nearer the nose than an imaginary line does that blush clear is that blush clear blush should be applied from the center of the cheek outward and up into the temples blushes can also be used for contouring example Oh shades darker than the foundation okay cookie Giga get hauled her blush by the way look invisible maybe there was no pigment.

Back then in cosmetics but let's pull out more of the extra freezer cover I mean blush blush brush look at that hi so pretty um we're gonna go in with a little Marc Jacobs in shade lines and last night scandalous okay she her blush literally I could see it literally there was nothing there so let's at least put something on by the way not setting the face you guys I it feels weird this is.

Really bizarre okay hey alright so I like to take the brush and just go up into the hairline into the cheeks and then diffuse it a little bit yes hi instant cheekbones how you doing girl okay we are blushed up now she literally went right in the contour I'm like oh hold on she likes to use three shades darker she said so let me grab hi lemare we gonna go with full booty the whole.

Video this is the bronzing powder it was for the last year I've been using it forever I wish they would remake this I'm gonna use the same brush and let's see what she is doing point up a cheekbone or finish a wide jaw o diminish me powder sets and blends Omega oh my god she's already setting this powder to use is a colourless translucent wine thank God she said in.

The face packed on liberally what no can be thrown away is the best oh my okay she literally took a cotton circle dipped it in the setting powder and I went and okay I'm gonna go get a cotton circle be right back okay I'm shocked by the way I don't even know how to act by the way look at look at the huge dog next to her vanity what what is happening okay guys let's try it first.

Time for everything on this channel all right let's get magic star setting powder in shade rose I need to do a playback because that was sold I couldn't even process what the hell she was doing so hold on a sec here I'm liberally a tuft of cotton that can be thrown away is the best part okay that's insane literally okay oh-ho-ho-ho.

Why did she kind of make it look good though that's what was kind of shocking to me here goes nothing oh my go to actually could have blend into the skin okay okay okay and I'm mad it felt really scary at first whoa I can see her actually looks like the batch has ever looked in a long time oh good god throwing away all my brushes whoa did you just like put it over.

Everything like she was living okay listen that like put that right my mouth wait okay how did you set Oh then with another clean powder puff brush away excess oh it's just okay books music is amazing I feel like I'm in another dimension Seletar Bravo says okay girls fame the.

I/o eyebrows no bitch no amande in the shaping of the nose what the hell did I browse can make a nose seem longer where's that to remove striking she's taking baby oil and wiping her eyebrows oil and pluck with tweezers she just said baby well pluck with tweezers oh my god never plucked eyebrows further than the line even with the inside corner yes ma'am I'll be.

Right here other plucking should be done under the brow other plugins and never above it never above it that's some actually smart the color of your eyebrow pencil should be as close as possible to your natural color only the darkest brunettes should use a black pencil aha only the darkest of brunettes can use a black pencil bitch I used to have red hair and.

Black eyebrows in high school so reel it in miss thing by the way her voice is kind of soothing like Marisa Mari okay she's doing crazy brows bitch absolutely not okay ready point of the arch should be a straight line on the outer edge of the iris okay come on arrange the brow should form a straight line past the outer corner of the eye okay to the side of the nostril.

That's not bad advice girl okay quick story since this is involving my grandparents in about 10th grade you guys all the way back then it was the very first time I shaved off my eyebrows and I've actually never let them grow back since fully ever since then that was a very long time ago and my grandpa and my grandma were not into it they were like kind of spooked it was.

Different times there was really no men in makeup at all and I was kind of very at first of my kind in that era of just being like crazy and fearless right so when I shaved them off like it was a huge deal and my grandma full wreaked out so now she lives for it she accepts it but they weren't always as accepting as they are now anyone else can relate .

She's looking at herself like he had ass bitch I'm that wine oh wow okay what is this person doing right now I wonder mascara applied to lashes would complete the well-groomed i/o and is sufficient I makeup of the early teens the early teens however if you wish to give more attention to the eyes yes you may use the following procedure.

Procedures I love a good procedure ok she literally said you can do mascara right now and be done can you imagine me being that my makeover no joke ok uh let's see what following procedure she is talking about a mid highlight with a creamy pale shade is flattering to most ah whoa never wear bright obvious evening colors what never wear bright evening colors on.

Your eyes bitch are you kidding me the jawbreaker palette is gonna beat her ass ok ok she literally put a cream base on her I am took brightening it looks actually gonna come pretty okay let's find something comical shall we okay we're gonna go in with the jawbreaker palette really quickly now my nails are so long you guys I can't get in my eye so I'm so sorry grandma I have to cheat.

I'm gonna just go in with che jawbreaker it's a very nice icy pale color and I'm gonna put it all over my lid I wonder what that was back then I wish we could see what products they're using because that would be crazy okay let's see what is next the dog again an emphasis a total ban shade placed into the mid crease what is that.

Brush a lid and just above the lid oh yeah it actually is bitch recruiting eyes a dark shadow on the lid will make eyes seem less prominent for protruding eyes eyes let me deep sight or very light shade on the lid will make it I see more prominent here's the Paris of exactly the same distance apart uh these oh my god okay the effect was achieved I can't.

Oh my god with paper animation I'm bully gagged bringing the eyebrows closer together oh why he's me my god his policy replacing the shadow and brows and she's living her best life really white okay hole okay we're gonna dip into tasty and cone this is insane this looks insane I've done my foundation concealer with my fingers.

How'd that go good you tell me how I look horrible or good I mean it looks looks alright oh I like it I mean it seems a little thin no I mean it just depends on what you're using to though I guess alright yeah so I'm just trying to live my life like her I mean she's living her best life so look at her like her skin is glowing I don't know man so we're just we're just trying to make.

It through the night my grandma really is trying it with this one no is she imagine that lady just shaved her eyebrows off on the at the end she's like you right and then when you completely mess up just completely remove I wish ha ha ha I'm a pearly white or beige on the bone just beneath the brush taking her finger is the bony structure oh and she's.

Literally great liner he's use eyeliner already oh slow it down she literally took her finger it went like this like a little highlight she goes what you guys what highlighting who everyone on YouTube sit down okay so we're just gonna highlight our brow bone Wow okay she's really nothing like not want giving me bad advice okay voila.

There should be no hard obvious line okay girl I'll and as close to the lashes as possible I'll remember black can only be worn by girls with very black hair what flattering shade for blondes or brunettes it's not flattering like adds harshness to the eye Oh back then they were not about that life if you had blonde hair you could.

Not wear black liner like there were not about it well times have changed sweetie alright so she did the bare minimum liner I'm talking like I've never seen my eyeliner that basic but we're gonna do it so let's pull out what the hell is this black ground from Mac a pro longwear hot so we're gonna do that and then we're gonna take the J s14 morphe Jeffrey brush which is a very.

Thin detailer hi I cannot believe she took this and she went like barely on that I like that it's like the thinnest liner I've ever won imagine this is my everyday look oh wow this feels so weird alright so she's already ready for mascara I don't know how or but here we go mascara makes lashes look longer and.

Fuller yes they do incidentally no amount of eye makeup will help if your eyes are drowsy and lackluster to be wide eyed and alert an old measure of sleep is necessary Oh a full measure of sleep then she's really reading everyone to the ground no amount of eye makeup baby all right let's do the mascara I'm going in with the Tom Ford badass mascara I've been using this for a few.

Months now you guys since my video of a full face of brands that don't hate me yet and I've really loved it when something stays on my desk that means it actually really works and I'm enjoying it alright mascara is done I'm feeling a little bit more like myself I feel a little still nude okay here we go the night food definitely relates to the.

Clearness and sparkle of your eyes hmm vitamin A and Fendi of water are essential for this is it the right food if you don't have the right food your eyes are sparkling separate the lashes with a clean brush chart girl stop a generally accepted age or wearing lipstick is about 14 oh okay a subtle color is the most becoming the most but apply lipstick drop your elbows.

Firmly on the table while studying the action with you oh my god is genius the center of the upper lip okay hold on hold on hold on hold on this is good y'all I've never seen like a tutorial like this I'm shocked all right we're grabbing our J s24 lip brush and I'm going on with skin-tight velour liquid lipstick oh my god okay so we're gonna do her trick elbow on the table chin.

Like she I think it's a little like this hold on we got to do it again this is hilarious to apply lipstick drop your elbows firmly on the table so counting the chin with one hand while studying the action our drawing can okay okay start from the center of the upper lip drawing a curve to the outer corner already flopped and the lower lip who start at the corner.

And come to the center the brush laid flat Oh with the brush or the lipstick itself black the excess oh my god she just really killed it okay the chin this thing I'm Katie Madden she just pops up use code Murray 420 shares the morphe code okay lip is done what else could she possibly she pulls out of more of a spray she pulls our Urban Decay high all-nighter okay.

Let's here we go a softer smoother look okay lip gloss Oh remember lips need protection as well as the skin they sure do miss thing look at her in the Sun or now look they're not to wear a lipstick do wear a lip gloss oh you have to wear ones can be changed look shapes can be changed yes ombre lips really connected by over painting over paint over drawings can be narrowed.

By covering them with vision zero then using color only toward the inside of the lips yeah this is asinine lips can be made less obvious oh my god outer corners but face skin blemishes could not be entirely avoided by most young girls makeup can conceal them wait at the end of the video she's now talking about concealing pimples that is so funny.

Makeup can't conceal everything girl she's taking a weird white what is that okay okay diet and can often prevent them a good diet and cleanliness what will stop pimples you guys it's important never pick or squeeze a blemish it makes matters worse well okay Wow Victoria oh she just pulled off her hit.

Her oh and then the dog is the bobblehead that's all oh okay okay that was that it's done that was funny it was kind of quirky and kind of cute I'm not gonna lie okay we can actually look at myself for a minute okay it's a basic simple cute makeup look like I would do this and then go to the office you know what I mean like whoa why does the foundation look.

Snatched that cotton thing Biss why did it set my face like really well I'm not kidding are you seeing this you see Miss HD okay you guys that was a wild journey that was nine minutes of my life that I I don't know not that I don't even want it back because this is fun um I get why my grandma sent it that was a very funny the tone of everything it was almost like a sex operator like she was.

So smooth okay we got to get a shout out for the makeup consultant was a Maria Craig that's whose voice was it back then and the model is Reina Alden girl listen okay wait can I read you the first comment in the video you guys why does she look 16 but also 35 at the same time oh my god surprised she didn't push her morphe discount on us oh I'm sweating okay okay the only makeup.

Tutorial I've ever seen that talks about proper eating and sleeping habits oh my god I've never trusted anyone more than I trust the lady narrating okay I look great I feel good that was really fun grandma thank you okay I really appreciate it I know you support me and watch my channel and you have seen me grow and blossom into Who I am today and I definitely would not be the woman.

Um if it was not for you and your guidance and I was little so thank you so much this was really fun you guys sound off below what was your favorite part what stuck out to you the tutorial yeah it may be life-changing I'm I'm not sure yeah I may have a new way of doing my base because I'm looking at the monitor and like what Marilyn Monroe what Miss.

Thing okay I'm feeling the fantasy I'm gonna go have an orgy and I will talk to you guys very soon mwah until next time I don't know I need a hit bye guys


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