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Today Carter Sharer challenges the Dream Team including Lizzy Capri, Ryan Prunty, and Stove's Kitchen to a classic last to sink challenge for a chance to win $10,000 cash money! The rules are simple, the contestants - Lizzy, Carter, Ryan, and Stove have 24 hours to build a boat out of any material that they can get their hands on. They'll have to use materials such as pool floaties, wood, duct tape, and more to build the strongest boat for this challenge. Then they must try to stay in the custom boat to see which boat will be the last one floating. The person whose boat is the last to sink wins $10000. Watch to see who wins this epic pool challenge for ten thousand dollars and Comment below with what you thought about this epic vlog!

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What's up guys welcome to the vlog welcome back to my channel I'm Carter share and today we are getting back to the basics with this one we were doing the last two Cink wins $10,000 by building the strongest boat the winner is going to win $10,000 Liz you got the monies oh this is $10,000 cash and this is what the winner of today's challenge eight whoa.

And the winner is going to win all of this cash money each of us are competing we got Ryan what's up y'all we're gonna win this one and of course we got myself we're all competing in today's challenge we're all going to be building our own separate boats we will all have 60 minutes to build the strongest boat and we're gonna put it in the water in the pool behind us when we are done the way.

It's going to work is the boat has to not only float the person who built the boat but then we're gonna add weight to the boat one by one until the boat sinks the boat that can hold the most weight is going to be the strongest boat and also the last one to sink in the winner who can produce that boat is going to win the $10,000 let's go wondering about all the drama that's been going on like.

Liz and I breaking up or Liz dating Ryan or me crushing Ryan's car or me kicking stove out of the house well that all came in is resolved began to check out stoves chili posted a video where we all came down together and now we're all best friends again and so we are doing the challenge and that challenge starts right now .

Wait yeah I don't know the left all right we're going home beep obv we're gonna get some good stuff let's go okay we're off and I get our materials and I'm privately stuff Liz we don't have a lot of time left Yeah right it's like alright guys I'm at the store I need to define the materials I can quickly the only rule is we can't use anything.

Inflatable so I gotta use like raw materials and actually build a real boat out of something let's see what I can find I'm pretty sure I'm moving this because I have a plan and I have a strategy that is going to really help me build this super sturdy boat okay so so far I have a ton of buckets that I'm gonna try to tape underneath a surface that we can.

Stand on so I found the pieces I need you guys do remember I did a made a raft with the styrofoam she on last to sink video and this time it is uh when I was to modify it this what are you doing here I was just I didn't think oh do you mean uh coming here to build my but your came to Home Depot to uh yeah I'm gonna grab my materials okay you don't have a card or anything I.

Think we got about thirty five minutes left so we really need to get back to the house and start building because that's where all the key skills come into play building to make the strongest boat I'm gonna have to go with something really strong and that's metal I'm gonna use these metal pins to make the strongest both guys I found it it's right here.

Whoa this is gonna be the base of my raft I'll on the kitchen actually to get this off can you homie I got in the middle trashcans I'm gonna go check out hopefully stove hasn't left without me yet we gotta go all right we gotta get back home time is tickin let's go and start our.

Build we are back home I have all of my materials and I was super secretive about a home do you the folk because turns out Ryan's stove and Carter were all there and they didn't want them to know what I was getting because they were gonna just copy me cuz they know I have the best ideas let's get started we are gonna build my boat my raft and it's.

Gonna be the best one I've got all my beautiful orange book it's right here we got 12 orange buckets and I've got lids so you close them off you tape them together and then you put them together and there's definitely definitely a float they're super floaty a lot of air a lot of buoyancy to these bad boys let's see what happens I think I'm gonna take I think we only have like 20.

Minutes to build so we gotta get after it everything I got is 100% metal because metal is super strong now I know what you guys are thinking you're probably thinking Carter metal doesn't float metal sinks and that's true because if you throw coins in the water I got a water fountain what they do sings but if it can displace enough water then it'll.

Float and also be very strong and that's exactly what I'm gonna be doing with these trash cans I'm gonna start off with a float test just to make sure that these are gonna float very well pieces of foam you guys already know what it is man come here Ryan just being annoying right now let's see how well it floats Wow that actually flows really well okay so I got.

All my little cans lined up flow yet so I'm gonna put a cap on one of them throw in the pool just test it out real quick because if these don't float at all I got I got to scratch it and start over boy look at that buoyancy okay my raft is coming together I just thought I'd some structural pieces to make sure that it can hold enough people so let's get this done there is only five minutes.

Left everyone seems to still be building complete yet I know five minutes yeah five minutes I gotta finish mine I'm not even done I have two barrels connected but I gotta connect these two together and then I'll be done I think I can finish but just like a baby one minute to spare okay we're done we're done it's not the prettiest when it's done and I think it's gonna flow.

Last one okay guys I'm done I finished my raft it's time to do the float test my boat is done stowed we only have five seconds left we are done done drop the tools everyone dropped Liz are you done hey wait we're done lose cheater she put that old after okay fine I'll let it slide but no more what time is done guys the boats are completely our build time is finished all of our boats are done we.

Got Stefan's boat Ryan's boat Liz's raft and my metal mario boat over there Carter I'm gonna give my blood test come on is it gonna work if it sings hey stuff no more working cheating hey no more a duct tape we only have one hour to build I'll hop out the boat that's to prove I'm not duct taping Dehradun there's the duct tape all right.

Liz let's push it in let's see hey it's floating but will it be the strongest boat I don't know if that's gonna be a struggle spot or the metal boat or stoves huge styrofoam boat or Ryan's plastic boat it's getting dark right now so we will be testing these boats tomorrow so I'll see you guys in three two one guys I'm really worried that my raft.

Isn't gonna float so I'm out here doing a float test but don't tell anyone cuz um I just want to make sure it floats and see if I need to make any modifications guys I'm really worried about this thing oh no I have to make modifications to my raft it doesn't even float me I don't know they gonna be the strongest okay so nobody's in the backyard yet and.

I have a few modifications I need to make to make my thing float cuz yesterday when I tried it they don't work so don't tell and you want to make these quick modifications before everyone comes out I spent so much time and energy and effort and thought into my raft so I really hope mine works and I really hope.

I win this challenge finished making my modifications it is a really hot day off so I'm excited to put this thing in the water and see if it floats whoa we are out here at day two it is now time to test the boats and see which boat is the strongest let's take a look at the lineup up first we got stove in this huge boat whoa barge and in charge.

Let's go made of only styrofoam and duct tape all right this is the the metal Mario because 100% mill it's rock solid what do you need metal Mart metal Mario is completely you know chromed out like it's not dented well a little bit it's okay up next we got Ryan this is called the the dink it morsel is you think you can win this thing yeah I know I can say you think you can.

I know I do this thinks she can win this thing was a pun here's that first I think Ryan might be up first so Ryan you're up first which means you got to put your boat in the water see if it floats if it floats then you have to climb on it okay if it's still floating then we're gonna add more in more wait until your boat sinks wait so my boats sinking no matter what well if it holds.

All the weight then I guess they'll never sink oh okay so whoever has the strongest pump wins so it's the strongest boat win so you got to put it in and the way we're gonna do weight is we're gonna add more and more people to the boat and so we're gonna count how many people that can hold each person weighs a different amount so we're gonna take that into.

Account so Ryan let's go stick it in and see if this thing can float okay so it's floating I guess not that impressive stoves and president policy so now you gotta hop on this is very hot in your own boat thinking and thinking it what's the best way I think he's about to sink it multi work here all right right and he's officially on the boat alright success.

So Ryan's boat floats with one person on there he's doing good so ride you want to try to add more weight to your boat okay so my boat is floating which on stem surprised about I do need to add more weight so the tactical thing to do is add the smallest person which is Liz - Liz can you can successfully climb on this boat and the boat does not sink then Ryan will have a score of two.

People and you can add people in any order that you want so Ryan is going smart with and he's adding the smallest person this is for two people Ryan has two people so he's got to score up to right now let's see how many more people he can get on before it sinks I'm impressed Ryan I'm impressed I thought this would work I think it's time to get you in here yeah hi I'm.

Hopping on here so I guess so does that mean you're the heaviest person nobody wants you to get up so Ryan is now going for a score of three people but three people have to go to vote okay I don't know if this is gonna work guys comment down below if you think Ryan's boat is gonna be idle hold me as the third passenger so far I do have a score it's a solid benchmark to start off and.

I think we can do 300 somebody get on I think she needs to move hurt I don't know if this is gonna work Ryan I think your boats might be coming down on this one I'm getting wet so just count it does count we're above water my eye my hands in my water okay is the boat above water still yeah look I can hide the boats above water I can't believe we're going with four people of his first boat.

So Ryan has three people on his his contraption right now and I'm up next I am I'm a little nervous I don't think it's gonna hold for people I think we can go under on this one but if it holds for people that means we're gonna have to start adding some weight to it if I don't think we're gonna get that far so we'll see I don't know this is gonna work don't open it one way that when he.

Fell off its step it doesn't count so if we're people was too heavy so that means Ryan score has a final score of three people which I'm actually shocked that's really impressive three people's a lot I'm surprised it so well I want to see who's it going next I think we should have let'sgo in her bamboo raft should go next our first contestant is done Ryan has a.

Score of three which is actually pretty good I didn't he was gonna be that good and that puts him in first place up next we got Liz in her bamboo raft she thinks she's gonna win this thing so let's find out if she can get four or more people on her raft so Liz you know when this thing with your bamboo raft yeah look how sturdy it is it does look.

Super sturdy and but will it be the strongest boat let's find out show it in the water okay who's gonna win this all right let's see it let's can do this thing guys comment down below hashtag Lizzie right now if you think her bamboo boat is going to win today's challenge and win $10,000 let's see if liz is gonna win the money we're not gonna win all the money's yeah always.

Let's see it looks 3000 hey why are you laying down because you have to displace your way okay so Liz's boat that's the success it floats and it even floats with one person on it so liz has a score of a 1 right now Ryan had a score 3 so Liz knees actually three more people on her boat to win this thing so Liz who do you want next up on your boat you.

Might write about this I'm a little nervous but um just lets get Ryan on here come on all right okay okay cuz I don't wanna sabotage your boat so here goes Ryan this is for a score of two the boob guys I don't think this counts comment below third person yeah I mean this is above the water but that's below I don't think this couch I don't think people we're ready people here we go.

I think it takes one person Lizzie just competed and she has a final score of one which puts her in second place one doesn't sound that good but I don't know if all these other boats are even gonna bet a hold one person so it's not so bad Liz since you just went to do you one up next Carter why don't you go up me yeah alright I'll go up next let's see how many people I can hold all right let's.

Get your boat out of the water that's pretty impressive all right Carter you're up let's see what your rinky-dink thing will do guys comment down below if you guys think this will hold more than two people comment hashtag pineapple oh you think my metal boat is going to be the strongest but I think it is this made of metal so strongest material let's see how well it holds up let's see.

It but it's working though alright not bad ok I what person I'm so so high out of the water this is outrageous I need like another person what do you choose I'm gonna choose Liz because she's the smallest I think it's an easy extra point to get me to 2 people let's see if it it's all about balance it's working it's bending its creaking it's not that.

Sturdy but it's working we're gonna do another person right here though I think sums up on one rep so far car went for three people unfortunately he owned it he was only able to get two people on it so you got two points which puts in that second place which means Ryan is still okay but those boat is made of 100% styrofoam and duct tape those materials.

Are not very strong so let's see how many people he can hold stove your up last year the anchor of this thing you think you can beat Ryan's score of three people oh I'm gonna easily beat that we're gonna have to put extra weights on it how confident I am thank you to get at least four people in this thing Oh easily this is the maker break it's kind of between Ryan and stove right now so.

Stove if you can do this you can you might win the money I think what if you don't then Ryan that's gonna get money I can't let him win here we all know we don't won Ryan to make you the money if you get last wish you win anything but do you want anything like $1 at least oh guys comment down below who you think is going to win I think it's between stove and Ryan right now let's put the boat in.

The water and see if it even floats stove feels very look how light it is like Nate picked it up with like a finger I don't know I mean I think he has a good chance and I'm a little nervous right I want it I know it it's either gonna break instantly or hold everybody who knows is he's gonna break it stoves the person on the team okay oh okay wood floats stove.

It's a big boat who do you wanna smallest that's the easy second point all right Liz is going in the boat next stove currently has a score of 1 in his giant styrofoam wrap this thing is like half the size of the pool it's huge wait let me add water so I weigh myself down sabotaging yeah go what it's styrofoam it's a styrofoam boat how could it be.

Strong so two people right now tying my record of two so if they get one more person so who's gonna beat me and he'll be in second place and he'll need four people to beat Ryan pile is in the dough stoves in the boat Ryan it's not to hop in stove purposely broke my boat I did a purpose a pretty good thing go for a four I can go with board 56700 is tied in for first place right now I think so.

If we get to seven people in here seven people all right guys this is for the win it's those boat can hold me when I climb in there he is gonna successfully be holding four people and having the strongest boat even though it's made of styrofoam this is crazy I made my boat out of metal and it wasn't even this strong here we go all right be careful get back that's short docket okay here.

We go are you ready for this I don't know guys smash that like button if you think so gonna win this thing here we go very good three two one go Oh actually floating off for people I'm shocked I don't see the styrofoam boy but oh oh oh it's gonna break in my face there we go oh this is Stan I sit down to distribute the weight we have five people in this.

Boat right now and it's still holding really strong Wow how many more people you think we can fit comment down below if you guys think we can get at least 10 people 10 people double digits maybe 20 people whoa I think we could get probably 8 people how many do we have now we have 5 you could get three more people I think when they get in here we currently have five people that beat.

Stove is the winner we are gonna see if we can add a sixth person right now we got so many people in this boat okay let's see if it can go six people that's gonna double second place crazy we'd go for seven we're going for seven guys this is like a world record or something I've never seen this many people on a styrofoam boat seriously look one two three four five six and here comes.

Number seven easy gotta love you thought snow was gonna win this is a party $10,000 bar is awesome all right guys here we go this is gonna be person number eight the bonus comment down below of you that still was gonna win this entire time because you were right so you won the tenth down the guards and the strongest.

Boat literally unsinkable look over here this is amazing whoo bye guys we'll see you on the next vlog bye