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6 continuous months life spends each of waiting for us in line 27 days spent waiting for transport. I wonder what time it is we hold pending another favorite series series and even more so the new season. While there are no such statistics, so I suggest finding out Top 5 most anticipated sequels Turkish TV shows in the fall of 2019. So, the 2nd season. 5th place - Zalim Istanbul Classical for turkish TV series love story in contrast..

Rich family, poor family and here are the children from these families fall in love with each other. Many secrets, intrigues and difficult relationships in one bottle. The level of interest and expectation pulls on solid 5th place, in every case based on their publications, Internet searches and discussions, social networks in particular. In the first season we saw 9 episodes. Estimated Date start of the second season - September 16. 4th place - Kuzgun The series in which the main.

The hero lives with revenge in his heart. But a feeling like love not only changes his plans, but also the plans of everyone around. The first season was over on series 16, not with the highest ratings. Despite this, the power of expectation viewers make directors continue the series already this in the fall. 3rd place - Elimi Birakma Not very pleasant events the end of the first season, spoiled our little impressions of this series. In addition, the start of the second The season has been postponed more than once..

But the sequel is worth the wait, because atypical for turkish TV shows a situation where love begins because a messed up suitcase already exciting in itself. And the main characters are all at money. The second season should begin this autumn. According to the plan of 10 episodes. 2nd place - Hercai The story of this series is something similar to less rated "Kuzgun". Here in the soul of the protagonist a sense of revenge prevails..

Which can soften only love. In the first season we saw 12 episodes. The first episode of the second season already filmed but will shown in Turkey only September 20th. And according to some rumors, even a week earlier, that is 13th. In the second season is planned 12 more episodes. Expectation level is just rolls over. 1st place - Yemin Probably for many fans.

“Hercai” first place in the ranking of the most anticipated sequels of the Turkish series will be a real surprise. In fact in the movie "Yemin" shows love and marriage that arose on coercive but optimistic the development of events. In the first season it was shown 70 episodes. The start of the second season is planned on September 16th. Yemin is the chapel of all possible expectations. What Turkish continuation The series you are waiting for the most? Write your comment..

And like me so that I it was nice.